Letters for change

Dear Europe – sorry for the stupidity

Whipped up by a group of Euro-naysayers, Brexit had life breathed into it only because of David Cameron’s ineptitude and thirst to retain his position. Sentiment and emotion was then successfully manipulated by others with vested interest (and pots of money), driving a referendum vote that was never legally binding.

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Dear Dominic Cummings – true leaders care about people

A few decades ago, when the political adviser was a mewling new-born concept, chaos reigned in council buildings up and down the country as the ‘spads’ (special political advisers) locked horns with non-political people employed to do a fair and balanced job in accordance with the law. The tussle across the political-operational line has continued through the years – until today of course. You have managed, perhaps by some Faustian pact, to win the joust.

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