Dear Everyone – stop being racist

As the coronavirus begins to spread, people have increasingly started to behave in a racist manner towards those they assume – most of the time incorrectly – are from China or Asia.

This is a short post with a simple message. Stop it. Don’t be stupid. Don’t make false assumptions and in doing so, threaten or disturb the peace and rights of another human being. Don’t attack somebody because you’re afraid. You have no right to do that. Ever. So just stop with the ignorant racist stupidity. If you are worried about the virus, go and research the facts, see and understand the actual situation, not some whipped up imaginary nonsense someone has spewed out on social media or that has boiled up in mainstream media thanks to some over zealous young journo hoping to validate the biased stance of a self-interested publisher.

That’s all.

Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash

Catherine Arrow