Dear China – get well soon

Travel is banned, movement curtailed, draconian measures are in force around Wuhan other areas in China and, as politicians around the world scramble to keep out a new virus, I think the one thing we are forgetting to say is get well soon to all the people affected.

Numbers rise every day and media hysteria has started to bubble with rumour trumping facts, emotions elbowing sensibility roughly out of the way. But I can’t help looking behind the numbers. For all those affected, there are families pulled apart by quarantines, sickness and, increasingly, deaths. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children, cousins, friends. Just like me, just like you.

When we witnessed the tragic and awful Australian fires rage through the country, people around the world were quick (and rightly so) to offer their support, their help, their sympathy and their love. Yet right now, people in China are suffering horrible consequences not of their making. Where’s the love? Where are the offers of help? Where is the international response asking if China needs support, or supplies or simply reassurance?

I know there are many problems and conflicting perceptions of China’s regime and political system but everyday people, suffering from a new virus that could have sprung up anywhere in the world, need our kindness and support, particularly as their isolation is increased.

So, get well soon everyone. My thoughts are with you and sincere condolences to those of you who have lost your loved ones. I’m thinking of you and your plight. Take care.

Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash

Catherine Arrow