Dear Europe – sorry for the stupidity

Today’s the day. Brexit has occurred and the stupidity of a politically fuelled initiative driven by an elite bunch of self-interested power-hungry UK conservatives has cut the islands adrift.

Whipped up by a group of Euro-naysayers, Brexit had life breathed into it thanks to David Cameron’s ineptitude and thirst to retain his position. Sentiment and emotion was then successfully manipulated by others with vested interest (and pots of money), driving a referendum vote that was never legally binding.

There was no rush to invoke Article 50 – plans could have been made, discussions could have been had – but no, stupidity took hold without a thought as to how it was all going to work.

And so we’re here. The ‘last’ official day with the divorce finalised later this year. Under Johnson the buffoon, I doubt that people realise how it’s going to affect them in years to come. The disadvantages that will result, the freedom of their own movement that will be curtailed. The limited future that lies ahead.

So all that’s left for many people – almost half of the UK population and thousands of others elsewhere in the world – is to say sorry Europe. Sorry for the gross stupidity of those who brought this about to fuel their own agenda. Sorry for the hideous and shameful behaviour of people like Nigel Farage. Sorry that manipulators like Dominic Cummings managed to convince people to vote for something they didn’t necessarily want or consequences they don’t comprehend because of their adept use of the politics of fear.

My hope is that later, down the track, you’ll grant some latitude and re-open the door. Till then my friends, adieu.

Photo by Jan Tinneberg on Unsplash

Catherine Arrow